$3.2 million prize money for Finals of 2017 IAAF Diamond League

In a major restructure, the IAAF Diamond League has adopted a championship style model with the finalists competing for a prize pool of $3.2 million.

From this season, athletes will earn points in the first 12 IAAF Diamond League meetings to qualify for two final meetings where $100,000 will be at stake in each of the 32 Diamond Disciplines, including $50,000 for each winner.

In previous seasons, athletes accumulated points throughout the IAAF Diamond League season with the overall winner of each of the 32 events being the athlete with the most points irrespective of whether they won the final.

The season is now a race to reach the finals with the winners crowned as IAAF Diamond League Champions. As in a championship the performance of athletes in the final alone will determine who the champion will be and the prize money won.

The IAAF Diamond League finals will now offer a dramatic showdown between the world’s best athletes, a true climax to a four-month race across four continents.

New Rules - Road To The Final

The IAAF Diamond League encompasses 32 Diamond Disciplines, following a championship style model. Athletes earn points at the qualification meetings to qualify for the final of their discipline.

Each of the disciplines is staged six or four times before the Final. At each of the 12 qualification meetings, Athletes are awarded 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 points for ranking 1st to 8th respectively. The top 8 or 12 Athletes (depending on the discipline) will be awarded a start at the Final. In case of a tie, the best legal performance of the qualification phase wins.

The winner at the Final of each Diamond Discipline will become "IAAF Diamond League Champion" and be awarded a Diamond Trophy, USD 50'000 prize money and a wild card for the IAAF World Championships (certain conditions apply).

Points at qualification meetings:


New Prize Money

Each athlete crowned IAAF Diamond League Champion wins USD 50,000 worth of prize money at the end of the season. With two finals, each staging 16 Diamond Disciplines, the total prize money awarded amounts to USD 1,600,000. 

At each of the Qualification Meetings, the winner of each Diamond Discipline will receive USD 30,000 worth of prize money. Each Qualification Meeting will stage either 14 or 13 Diamond Disciplines, meaning the total prize money awarded at a single Qualification Meeting will total either USD 420,000 or USD 390'000.

PlacePrize Money (USD)       PlacePrize Money (USD)

plus rewards for 9th-12th place finishers in distance races and ninth-lane runners in sprints.

The Road To The Final and The New Final at a Glance