12 February, 2016

2015 Top 5! Women's High Jump

Our 2015 Top 5! series continues, as we look back on the best moments of last season's thrilling women's high jump Diamond Race.

Diamond Race winner Ruth Beitia naturally features. The Spaniard's world leading jumps in Rome and New York helped her build a commanding lead early on in the Diamond Race. 

It was a lead she nearly lost, however, as the likes of Mariya Kuchina and Anna Chicherova stormed back to mount a late challenge. Only Kuchina's defeat of Chicherova in Brussels meant that Beitia was able to cling onto her lead and win the Diamond Trophy. 

Number one in our top five goes to Chicherova, whose brilliant return to form in Lausanne blew the Diamond Race wide open, and paved the way for a thrilling season climax.