20 January, 2020

2020 Wanda Diamond League in numbers

  • © Wanda Diamond League

New year, new Diamond League. 2020 will be ringing the changes in athletics' premier season-long series, so here is an overview of all the key facts and figures you need to navigate your way through the Wanda Diamond League on its Road to Zurich this season.


Aside from a shiny new logo, a couple of new locations and a brand new title sponsor in Wanda, the Diamond League is set to undergo a handful of structural changes in its 11th year.

15 meetings

For the first time in the history of the series, the Diamond League will be made up of not 14 but 15 meetings in 2020.

The new meeting will be held in an as of yet undisclosed location in China, while 2020 will also see a few new cities, some more familiar than others, grace the Diamond League circuit.

With Rome's Stadio Olimpico set to hold a number of games at the Euro 2020 football championships, the Golden Gala will be taking a sabbatical in Naples this summer, with the iconic San Paolo stadium set to receive the world's best athletes on May 28.

Similarly, Birmingham has had to bow out this year due to preparations for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, meaning a return to the circuit for the city of Gateshead in the north east of England. Not since the series' inaugural season in 2010 has the Gateshead International Stadium hosted a Diamond League meet.

147 days

The addition of an extra meeting means that this season will also be the longest in Diamond League history, with more Diamond League days than ever to look forward to.

The season will begin in April for the first time, with the traditional series opener in Doha set for April 17. Fourteen meetings will follow on a gruelling Road to the Final for the world's best athletes, before the 2020 Diamond League Champions are finally crowned in Zurich on September 11.

That's a full 147 days of Diamond League fun for you to look forward to.

24 disciplines

This year also sees the series adopt a slimmer structure, with only 12 Diamond Disciplines in which points will be up for grabs. 

Points can be won by men and women respectively in seven track and five field events on the Road to Zurich, before the top-ranking athletes in each event get a shot at the Diamond Trophy in the season finale.

That makes for a total of 24 Diamond League champions to be crowned at the Letzigrund Stadium on September 11.

Yet fans of the discus, steeplechase, 5000m, 200m and triple jump can still catch their favourite athletes throughout the Diamond League season, with these disciplines set to feature as non-scoring events at several meetings. 

Four continents

As it has every year since 2016, the Diamond League will travel to 11 different countries across four different continents in the course of the season.

Aside from 10 meetings on European soil, the Road to the Final will also make one-off stops in North America for Eugene's Prefontaine Classic, and in Africa for the Meeting International Mohammed VI in Rabat.

Asia, meanwhile, will host more Diamond League meetings than ever this year thanks to the addition of another event in China. In fact, all of the first three meetings of the season will this year be held in Asian countries.

One final

Perhaps the biggest change of all in the 2020 season is the introduction for the first time of a single Diamond League final.

Where in previous years, the Diamond Trophies have been dished out over the course of two meetings in Zurich and Brussels, this year will see every single Diamond League champion crowned at the same time at Weltklasse Zurich.

The main meeting will be held at the Letzigrund on September 11.