23 December, 2019

The Wanda Diamond League is here!

  • © Wanda Diamond League

The Diamond League today officially rebrands as the Wanda Diamond League, thanks to a new title sponsorship agreement announced earlier this year with the Wanda Sports Group.

The title partnership has been agreed for a ten-year period ending in 2029. 

Furthermore, Wanda Sports Group will work closely with World Athletics to create a new annual event.

Further areas of co-operation are the development of youth athletics in China. 

The rebranding also sees the Diamond League assume a brand new logo. 

With its three forward-facing contours, the new logo reflects a leap into the future for athletics' biggest global series. The lines also serve to divide the logo into three sections, representing the three areas of athletics: run, jump and throw. 

The overall aesthetic is a strong contemporary mark which exists in the modern world but is timeless in its simplicity.